Bali Beaches

If you love the ocean and the sand – the cool breeze playing music with your hair, and the sun kissing your skin affectionately, Bali is where you want to be.

Here are 5 beaches in Bali that you cannot miss:

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach is where you go to if want to be right at the heart of Bali’s ocean-front action. Seminyak is the undisputed fashion icon among the beaches of Bali. Its magnificent 5 km stretch of white sand beach is dotted with world-famous beach clubs. There are plenty of five-star hotels and restaurants just a few steps away from the ocean. From Jalan Petitenget to Jalan Kayu Aya, the streets are lined with fashion stores and fine dining spots with international chefs dishing up gastronomic delicacies. Surf to your heart’s content in the gentle waves, roam around the beach with naked feet, or just laze away on a comfy sun-bed soaking up the sun. When the sun sets down, the calm, relaxed nature of Seminyak morphs into a more vibrant night-life, which is an absolute hoot for party animals.

Jimbaran Beach

If you are looking to take a break from the stressful world, Jimbaran beach is perfect for you. Located on Bali’s south-western coast, Jimbaran beach is endowed with a gorgeous 3 km stretch of powdery white sand beach. Unlike most other beaches of Bali, the beach and the bay of Jimbaran still have some private areas where you can enjoy the serene beauty of the ocean in solitude. It also happens to be the island’s seafood hub. The local fishermen sell their fresh catch at the bustling markets every morning. So quite naturally, the beach is dotted with barbecues, cooking and serving the day’s catch. If you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner, you can choose your pick straight from the water tanks, and have the seafood of your choice ready after just a couple of minutes. The beach is also home to some good luxury hotels and restaurants. In case you are wondering, the nightlife scene is good too.

Padang Padang Beach

Even if you’ve never been to Padang Padang Beach before, don’t worry if the place gives you a sense of deja vu. Blame it on the famous movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ starring the lovely Julia Roberts. Yes, it’s the beach that was featured in the movie. Although Padang Padang is a small beach, the breathtaking scenery adequately compensates for its small size. The serene setting with calm waters gently lapping against the white bay, and the beautiful rock formations is not something you would want to miss. But make sure that you visit the beach early in the morning just around sunrise to avoid the throng of tourists, so that you can enjoy the incredible natural beauty of Padang Padang in all its glory.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is where you want to be if you love surfing. You can surf to your heart’s desire, and when the high tide comes, try not to pass out from too much happiness. The beach is underdeveloped when compared to other beaches of Bali, with only a few wooden shacks serving home-cooked Indonesian dishes and icy cold Bintangs. But look at the upside: if you love to sunbathe, you can do so without any disturbance, unlike other more popular beaches.

Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih, located on the East Coast of Bali, is also known as White Sand Beach. Due to its remote location, Pasir Putih has escaped the onslaught of tourists so far. If you’re an adventurous road-tripper, Pasir Putih will certainly delight you. The dramatic contrast between its virgin soft white sands and the volcanic black sands of its neighbors is a pleasure to behold. It doesn’t have many options when it comes to dining out. But the seafood BBQ stalls along the calm, clear waters are ideal for a sea-view lunch or dinner. If you love swimming, you’re going to have a blast swimming in the tranquil waters of Pasir Putih.