That Will Make You Feel Like You’ve Traveled the World

Australia has a long history which makes it a great place to visit. Travelers who look for a quirky trip have always found it in this country. There are things to sate their curiosity for singular places. Australia has a rich varied culture. And it combines with a long history. Because of this, there are plenty of spots that you could mistake for being in a different place. The experience will surely be great. The only issue with these exotic places might be the lack of  a good cellphone signal. Yet, this has an easy solution. Try Telstra signal booster and see how it goes! Now, keep on reading to find out about 4 exotic places you can’t miss in Australia.


As soon as you see the Lowenbrau beer signs, you know that this town has German origins. Their chalkboards offer bratwurst! Everything in it is German. From the shops and pubs with strong names to the traditional fachwerk buildings. Even the name of the town – Hahndorf – will make you think of Germany. But this place is in South Australia, in the Adelaide Hills. It is about a 45-minute drive from the state capital. Obviously, German settlers found it in 1839.


If you see a photo of a paradisiac island you might think of the Maldives. They have crystal blue water, bright white sand. Also, palm trees and clear skies. Yet, these beautiful islands in the middle of the deep blue sea are Australian. They consist of two atolls made up of 27 coral islands. From these, only two – West Island and Home Island – have inhabitants. The population of around 600 people consists mainly of Cocos Malays. They practice Sunni Islam and speak a dialect of Malay as their first language.


There is a town named Grindelwald in Switzerland. It is a hamlet of rolling green hills and beautiful wooden farmhouses. They look like something out of a postcard. But if you happen to be very far from this country, you can visit the other town of Grindelwald. It is in Tasmania. Just outside Launceston, Roelf Vos found it. He was a Dutchman who went to Tasmania This place has a population of 1000 people. Builders designed it in the style of a Swiss village around a lake.


Is Mars out of your budget? Come visit The Pinnacles, in Western Australia. It is near the town of Jurien Bay. They’re a series of limestone formations. These are rocks from 30,000 years ago. They still stand in stark contrast to the bare earth around them. These fingers of rock pointing at the sky look like something you could see in Stars Wars. The best season to visit the Pinnacles is in the months of August to October. The Parks and Wildlife service gives this information. As the days are mild and wildflowers begin to bloom in the spring. But in fine weather, the park is interesting year-round.