Rock ClimbingThe Mediterranean region is one of the most popular destinations for tourism, with dozens of beautiful locations to enjoy, unique cultures, and warm people who dedicate themselves to the tourism industry.

If you’re a sport-oriented traveler who loves experiencing extreme activities wherever you go and enjoy going rock climbing at marvelous sites far from home, then you’ll find that the Mediterranean also offers fantastic locations with some of the most challenging and fun activities.

Moreover, if during the downtime of your travels you’d like to relax in unique destinations with fantastic experiences then the Mediterranean is the safest bet you can take.

However, the Mediterranean is a vast region encompassing over 20 countries, each with dozens of destinations available for rock climbing and high-quality tourism, which makes finding and choosing the perfect location for your holidays a bit overwhelming.

Whether you’re considering rock climbing in Morocco or going to the Greek islands for an adventure, check this article to find some of the things you should look for when going rock climbing and how to start your travel, plus some of the most fantastic places to go rock climbing in the Mediterranean.

How to Start

If you’re looking for unique experiences like rock climbing, you must do a quick research of the destinations you’re considering before flying there, or you could find out there’s little variety or a small community that barely supports the sport.

For example, although the Mediterranean is famous for having plenty of fantastic rock climbing locations, some of them don’t have local services to provide gear or assistance, which means not only will you have to bring your equipment, you’ll have to find a guide to take you to these lesser known places.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert to rock climbing, knowing the difficulty of the mountains and routes you’re going to face is essential since it can make or break your experience.

If you’re a beginner and choose a popular but tough location for mountain climbing, you might feel frustrated, so take a look online for reviews of the sites and check whether it’s beginner friendly and if there are any guides and facilities nearby that could give you a hand.

This last tip is essential amongst newcomers to the sports, as you can’t show up in a location and find tours and experts willing to teach you right out of the blue, you’ll have to contact them previously and plan your beginner course so they can show you all the basics of rock climbing.

Where to Go

The Mediterranean has over 20 countries with fantastic places for rock climbing. However, these are a few of the greatest destinations that you can find in the region.


Going rock climbing in Morocco is a fantastic experience as you’ll find dozens of challenging sites to climb, a friendly community supporting the activity, and high-quality services and accommodations for your trip

The best places to go rock climbing in Morocco are the Gorges of Todgha, the Atlas Mountain, and the Rif Mountains.


The Greek islands are some of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean, with an exciting culture, excellent food, and a warm community. Most islands have several perfect spots for rock climbing, amongst the most popular and unique places you’ll find the islands of Sardinia and Kalymnos.


In this beautiful country, you might want to take to the sea and explore the island of Sicily, which houses over four different areas with hundreds of sites to start rock climbing. Ranging from beginner courses to challenging routes, Sicily is an excellent place for rock climbers.


The island of Mallorca is a rock climber’s playground. It’s been established by the community as one of the best sport climbing destinations in the Mediterranean. There are plenty of routes for every level and a great community accepting newcomers looking for new challenges.


The Republic of Cyprus is a unique island country in the eastern part of the Mediterranean known for its amazing landscapes and beautiful beaches. The diverse environments of Cyprus allow the rock climbing community to find perfect sites ranging from steep mountains to jagged walls along the coast.

The Best Region in the World for Rock Climbers

The Mediterranean is an excellent destination for the holidays, including beautiful landscapes, amazing people, and exquisite food, but for climbing enthusiasts whose vacations are never complete without indulging in some rock climbing experiences, the Mediterranean becomes the perfect destination.

With thousands of routes scattered across the region, you’ll spend years traveling the Mediterranean and always finding new and exciting sites that will continue to challenge your skills while also providing an excellent vacation for your family and friends.