Traveling on a Budget

Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Unlike in the past, traveling is no longer something that’s reserved only for the rich. With proper planning, even the average Joe and Jane can afford to travel without putting the health of their bank accounts at risk. If you keep overshooting your travel budget with an ominous consistency, here are a five tips that will save you a lot of money and unnecessary heartburn.

Choose your destination and time of travel carefully

Try to be sensible while selecting your destination as well as the time of travel. Avoid visiting popular holiday destinations during peak-season. If you travel to the same destination in off-season, the cost of flights and accommodations are going to be lower. Getting a steep discount for the price of settling for less-than-perfect weather is a pretty sweet deal, right? Moreover, try to avoid traveling abroad if you can have a similar experience locally. A ski resort is a ski resort, even if it is located in a different continent.

Don’t splurge on expensive hotels

Opt for affordable lodging whenever possible. Contrary to what most people believe, it won’t limit your options. Score a bargain rate on a hotel room, get a bed in a hostel, or go for a home swap even. What you must remember is that when it comes to finding affordable lodging, the key is persistence. Zero in on a budget, and then figure out a way to fulfill your requirements within that budget.

Keep your inner foodie in check

If you are not careful, your food expense can spiral out of control before you know it. Controlling food costs turn out to be pretty hard while traveling due to the compulsion of eating out, and lack of access to a kitchen. But it’s not something that can’t be solved with a dash of creativity. Use the internet or talk to the locals to find the cheapest eateries. You can also try to create simple meals with the ingredients you have at your disposal in your hotel room. It may look frivolous, but saving money by not eating out can be what makes or breaks your travel budget. So, until you are back home, keep your inner foodie in check.

Get your transportation costs in control

Relentlessly hunt down the best deals you can find on flights. Even if it takes a few days, your patience and hard work will pay off handsomely if you manage to get a good deal. Moreover, choosing to fly from smaller airports, and accepting connecting flights can bring down the price quite a bit. As far as upgrades are concerned, paying a small fortune for a few extra inches is just not worth it. When possible rent a bike or bicycle, or use public transit. Not only will that save you money, you will also get to experience the place more closely.

Buy a portable water filter

Your mother already told you to do so. But repeating a good advice is never a bad decision. Invest in a quality portable water filter and take a water bottle or two with you. This is good for both your wallet and the environment. Moreover, you don’t want to get some water borne disease while traveling, do you?