How many workdays did you spend staring out the window this winter, thinking about how you’d rather be lying on the beach? Getting the right work-life balance is a real struggle as 54 percent of Americans will end their year with unused vacation days. Taking a vacation isn’t just good for making memories with your family. It’s also a way to remain healthy, as you shed the stress that builds up during each work week.

While a Caribbean vacation might be out of your budget, you can stay within the U.S. and still manage to relax in an exotic-feeling locale. Try one of these four getaways as an option for your next beach vacation.

South Carolina’s Sea Islands

A unique part of the country where they speak the old languages of Gullah and Geechee, the Sea Islands have a long history. Steeped in history, The Sea Islands are accessible through the gateway of Beaufort.

Fly into Savannah or Charleston and drive into the area to take in the beautiful marshes. You’ll find that Beaufort has the same charm that you’d expect from Charleston without being nearly as crowded. If you love golf and tennis, head out to the beaches of Fripp Island for some of the best you’ll find in the south.

Hawaii’s Big Island

While people love Maui for its family-friendly attractions and flock to Oahu for the surfing, Big Island has everything you want from an adventure. While you can just as easily go for a trek on its snow-covered mountains, you can also see gorgeous black sand beaches.

This majestic island has rainforests, a volcano, and plenty of hiking. But with beach parks scattered along the whole edge of the island, you’ll find endless miles of beautiful and uniquely colored beaches to whittle away the day on.

Brunswick, Georgia

With dog-friendly beaches, water parks, and many miles of campgrounds, the Brunswick region has some lovely places to spend your summer trip. The area is halfway between Jacksonville and Savannah, and remains an underrated region for relaxing vacations with family or friends.

Book yourself a hotel in Brunswick or drive down south an hour from Savannah. You can spend the day walking the beaches and then kick back and relax.

Monterey, California

The Monterey Peninsula is a unique region of California, just across the bay from nearby Santa Cruz. If you’re looking for a luxurious vacation, the southern side of the peninsula offers an easygoing trip for jet-setters. The northern side of the peninsula is where you’ll find more of the action.

To the northwest, you’ll find the Asilomar State Marine Reserve. If you love a dramatic and rocky coastline, this is the place for you. At Asilomar, you’ll find sea otters, beautiful birds, and long stretches of beautiful sand.

There are so many gorgeous beaches in the U.S., you don’t need to renew your passport to see the best of them. Take a drive or a short flight and you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away.