Las Vegas is the city of dreams. It stands out as one of America’s best travel destinations. It is the Silicon Valley of entertainment with varied kinds of entertaining opportunities available everywhere one looks. This big city with bright lights has almost everything for everyone to fulfill their “sinful” pleasures. There is lots of food for the foodie to indulge in, there are many casinos for the gambler’s pleasure, the numerous clubs in Las Vegas will satisfy the party animal’s cravings and of course, there are many entertainment shows for the person who just wants to sit back and feed his/her eyes.

When it comes to enthralling shows, Cirque du Soliel provides a number of shows for the viewing pleasure of Vegas visitors. Here is a guide to the shows offered by Cirque du Soliel.


Zumanity, which takes place at New York-New York, is a show which explores Eros as an art form. It is the first Cirque du Soliel show to focus on sex. This show explores the concepts of physical and emotional love in a way some might find sexually provocative. With the show exploring the art of sex in every way through the stage performances, this show is for liberal open-minded folks.

Michael Jackson ONE

Another production in Vegas by Cirque du Soliel is this Michael Jackson ONE which is performed at Mandalay Bay. It is a show which pays tribute to the late pop icon, Michael Jackson through a unique blend of gymnastics and Michael Jackson’s hit songs. It features gymnasts performing energetically to the beats and lyrics of Michael’s ageless pop songs. This production is closed with fireworks going off and a hologram of Michael Jackson on display.


O is actually “eau”, the phonetically correct way to pronounce “eau” which means water in French. The inspiration for this show is the fluidity and infiniteness of water. The production features a mixture of acrobatics, swimming, diving and performing in, on and above the stage for the production. The show’s location is a stage at Bellagio which contains a 200520.8333 cubic foot swimming pool. This production is incredibly fascinating and impressive in its expressiveness, its use of the flexibility of water and its surrealism.


This show is a tale of a heroic journey undertaken by a pair of separated twins to fulfill their destinies. This production which takes place at MGM Grand is a highly dramatic and exquisitely theatrical show with a well thought-out and solid plot. The plot of the story focuses on the journey undertaken by the twins to their destinies. It incorporates courage, strength, love, conflict and obstacles to be overcome. The show features an impressive stage which is movable. The operation of the show’s stage is impeccably precise as the stage revolves, tilts, is raised and is lowered.

Apart from the aforementioned shows, there are other interesting Cirque du Soliel shows which promise to provide lots of fun for people visiting Las Vegas.