What made Mykonos island famous all over the world, is the combination of a beautiful summer destination with a luxurious VIP lifestyle. Golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the warming sun can be found at other Greek islands too. But adding to all these an extremely high level of luxury and all the amenities you can think of, can only describe one mythical place. Mykonos island has everything to make you feel like a celebrity!

Travel first class

Mykonos island has an international airport just 3 km from the main city, Chora Mykonos. It is directly connected with several European cities and has frequent flights to Athens, the capital of Greece, where flights to and from all major world destinations are available. A convenient and easy way to start your dreamlike vacations is by booking a first class air ticket.

Mykonos island has also 2 harbors, the old one and the new, bigger one, plus a great number of marinas on almost every beach of the island. The New Port serves almost all kinds of ships, including big cruise ships coming from every corner of the world. At the numerous marinas of the island you will see the most elegant and fancy yachts.

But a real VIP needs also a luxurious way to travel within the island – and there are many available. Almost all big hotels offer limousines with a driver and lavish yachts for rental. Some of them also offer helicopter or Lear Jet services.


Do it right, rent a villa in Mykonos!

Although there are many five star hotels and resorts on Mykonos island, the best way to fully enjoy all that Mykonos has to offer, is to rent a luxury villa. There are many agencies on the island that offer splendid Mykonos villas for rent and you only need to choose what suits you best.

Renting a villa a villas in Mykonos has some great advantages, like a lot of lining space, unique decorations and privacy. Five star villas usually have their own outdoor swimming pool with a great view to the ocean, private dining service, Jacuzzis and spa treatments at your own space – plus all the amenities a 5 star hotel can offer.

For all of you that are interested in finding a more permanent home in Mykonos, there are some splendid options of Mykonos villas for sale at the moment, so maybe this is your chance you‘ve been waiting for.


VIP passes for the hottest clubs

Another thing Mykonos is famous for is its thriving nightlife. Big clubs organize all-night parties and events, champagne flows everywhere and visitors dance and have fun until early in the morning. But definitely, a star like you can’t be with the crowd and will not visit just any club. Well, Mykonos has a solution for this, too!

There are agencies on the island that can organize your nightlife the best way you prefer, obtaining VIP passes for the clubs you want to visit or for the hottest clubs of the season. Taking advantage of their services will ensure you enjoy Mykonos by night from the best seat or table!

Exclusive services, from spa to yachting

Luxury is the key word for all services in Mykonos. Hotels and villas, agencies, a big number of assistants – they all work hard to provide visitors with the best exclusive services they would dream of. In Mykonos island you will find all those, small or important, details that will make your days and nights unforgettable. Some of them are:

  • Spa, health and beauty services
  • Fine dining and VIP passes
  • Luxury yacht rental
  • In-house private chef
  • Limousines with a chauffeur
  • Helicopter and jet charters and tours
  • Wedding or corporate events organizing services


Gourmet dining

A luxurious way of living would be incomplete without the perfect culinary experience. There are a lot of gourmet restaurants all around Mykonos island, most of them with a famous Greek or international chef in charge. The variety of the dishes they serve is enormous and the ingredients are brought here from exotic places or collected fresh from the Aegean Sea or the island’s farms.

Gourmet restaurants also offer a big wine list, including a big variety of Greek and Mediterranean wines and champagnes. You can find here some rare wines and wine-testing events are often organized in restaurants, bars or hotels.

Another great service, specially designed for couples, is the private gourmet dining. If you book in time, you can have a luxurious, romantic, gourmet dinner at a separated table, under the starry sky and right next to the sea.

Yachting: Day tripping like a star

Exclusive yachting services are widely offered in Mykonos island. Besides the many private yachts, you will see a big variety of yachts available for rent: sailboats, exquisite powerboats, motor sailors, catamarans and mega yachts.

The best way to enjoy a tour to the most beautiful beaches of the island or to the nearby islets of Dilos and Rinia, is to use these exclusive yachting services. Some of these palatial boats can have a private chef or organize a party just for you and your guests.