Backpacks have been around forever, but it’s amazing how much they changed over the years. From the outside, they look pretty much the same, but the practicality and durability have been improved tenfold with the latest technology solutions. Of course, the use of high quality materials also helped the cause.

To further elaborate on these points, we’ll showcase Standard’s Laptop Backpack, and dive deeper into some of its amazing characteristics. Check it out!


The backpack’s dimensions are pretty much what you’d expect these days, coming at 45 x 28 x 15 cm. Because of this, it can easily hold any 15-inch laptop or a MacBook Pro. Despite being relatively small in size, this amazing backpack has 18L capacity, which means you’ll have no trouble packing in all of your essentials. Don’t worry though, the weigh is still kept at just 2.2 lbs, which means you won’t even feel it during your busy day.


As you probably know already, Standard always uses top-notch materials in their products, and the situation remains pretty much the same this time around. Exterior is built out of rugged 310D polyurethane nylon, which means it’s both super easy to clean, and of course, water resistant. To make sure that this backpack is as durable as possible, guys from Standards also used 210D nylon with the inside lining. Rounding up the whole package are YKK zips, snap hooks and buckles. It’s no wonder why the Standard’s Daily Backpack comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee as well as Lifetime warranty. A pretty good combination, if I may say it myself.


Are you tired of those too bright fluorescent colored backpacks you see everywhere? How about going back to basics, and importing some style into your everyday life? Our advice would be to start with the backpack. Not only that it’s ultra-practical and super reliable, it’s also pretty stylish as well. What’s even more important to some individuals, it’s super comfy as well, sporting a decent amount of padding, which ensures safety with every step. Those long road trips will become much easier all of a sudden.

Premium features

This mighty backpack comes with every little thing you might want, and then some! Here’s a quick rundown of its most awesome characteristics:

 Integrated USB port – are you tired of running out of juice right at the inopportune time? Luckily, those days are gone. With a USB port integrated in the design, you’ll be able to charge your device everywhere you go.

 Rain cover – the backpack is water proof, we know that, but just for the added peace of mind, it also comes with this cool extra cover in the box.

 RFID secure pocket – digital information is absolutely vital these days, and having this fantastic feature is a must.

 Collapsible pocket for water bottles – we already discussed the importance of being well hydrated at all times, so remember to pack your water bottle ahead of time!

 Lockable zips – are you worried about your valuables when you travel? With lockable zips, you’ll be able to focus on the fun part of the journey.

The incredible number of pockets

You think that we could’ve included this feature in the list above? The truth is, this backpack has so many compartments, that we had to dedicate a special paragraph just to run through the most important ones.

In case you looked at the photo, you probably noticed the three outer zipper pockets, which are ideal for your quick-grab items, such as car keys or passport. Any photography buff will be enthusiastic to find out that Standard’s Daily Backpack also comes with a separate pocket, which can hold your DSLR camera, and lenses! Laptop and tablet sleeves are also there, as well as 3 mesh pockets, perfectly suited for cables and adapters. There are also several compartments we wanted to mention, but we simply ran out of space. That’s one thing you will never have to about if you happen to buy one of these bad boys!


You guessed it, Standard’s Daily Backpack comes with Free World-Wide Shipping! Get one now! It will be the best decision you made today.