You are looking to fill a position for one of your clients, and then you hit the jackpot; two extremely viable, outstanding candidates that stand head and shoulders above the rest based on their resume. Then after working with finance recruiters in Los Angeles, they have both interviewed amazingly as well. At this point, you are left with two great candidates and one difficult decision; who do you hire? There are a few more questions you can ask yourself, and the candidates, to determine who will be a better fit for the San Francisco accounting staffing.

For The Long-Term

Your client has immediate hiring needs, but if you are trying to decide which candidate is best for your client, then long-term goals and commitments should be taken into consideration. For example, does this person have the desire to move into a leadership role and is that the type of person your client is looking for or does the candidate have the want to move into a leadership role within a certain amount of time and that is not something the client is advertising. Those two distinctions can help determine which candidate is the best fit.

Corporate Culture

The two candidates may have great abilities and wonderful personalities, but one question to ask is who would fit in best with the culture of the company. There are multiple aspects that make up a company’s culture, and they can be distinctively different from company to company. There may also be a distinct difference in the candidates as well in terms of the type of management style they prefer or an emphasis on work-life balance in the company. These could be your determining factors for best fit.

Assess Interest and Enthusiasm

Was there one candidate who seemed more enthusiastic, more interested in the company or the position, or who seemed a little more hungry to work in general? Look back on your interactions with the candidates and see if there is one who candidate who seemed to want it more than the other.